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Somatic Reset

Self-Healing through Gentle Movement & Self-Massage Techniques

 Incorporating Somatic movement techniques with the use of various therapy balls, we will explore, release and balance not only the muscular and connective tissue systems of the body, but also the nervous system. Somatics uses gentle contract/release movements to dissolve physical tension as well as emotions held in the body. Combining this practice with tools and techniques inspired by Jill Miller’s Roll Model/Body by Breath programs, we’ll explore vagus nerve toning (our primary regulator in the fight/flight vs. rest/digest response), breathwork, self-massage, gentle movement and stillness for a whole body reset, from the inside out.

This class is offered once a month at Shanti Yoga Center & Yoga Melrose
Class size is limited to 8 people. 


Watch this video for a brief introduction to the practice. 
71788218305__B89F0E21-A2D3-4A81-B833-DF89A97D9B0F 2.JPG
71788218305__B89F0E21-A2D3-4A81-B833-DF89A97D9B0F 2.JPG

Tools for Somatic Reset

If you want to continue the self-care techniques learned in this class on your own (and I hope do!). Here are links to order your own:

Coregous Ball

Alpha Ball

Therapy Ball PLUS Pair

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